After a decades long friendship, we felt inspired to design a piece that combines elements from both of our brands and create something that will live with you forever.
Parke was born out of a love of fashion and a need for beautiful, classic pieces to elevate your wardrobe. JB3 produces a collection of high-quality luxury eyewear that brings the refined Italian lifestyle to everyday accessories.
Together, we spent almost a year designing and crafting a fusion of our two brands, and we are so excited to introduce Parke x JB3. Designed in Miami and produced in Italy by an independent family-run factory outside the city of Udine. The sunglasses are timeless, yet bold, and each frame is made to be water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflection. Most importantly, these will stay with you forever and will outlast any trend cycle.
Available only on PARKEOFFICIAL.COM !