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Chelsea Oval Sunnies

Chelsea Oval Sunnies

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After a decades long friendship, we felt inspired to design a piece that combines elements from both of our brands and create something that will live with you forever.

Parke was born out of a love of fashion and a need for beautiful, classic pieces to elevate your wardrobe. JB3 produces a collection of high-quality luxury eyewear that brings the refined Italian lifestyle to everyday accessories.

Together, we spent almost a year designing and crafting a fusion of our two brands, and we are so excited to introduce Parke x JB3. Designed in Miami and produced in Italy by an independent family-run factory outside the city of Udine. The sunglasses are timeless, yet bold, and each frame is made to be water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflection. Most importantly, these will stay with you forever and will outlast any trend cycle.
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  • JB Mariano III founded his eponymous accessory label, JB3, as a way to reconcile his Italian heritage with his American upbringing. After a combined 15 years of travel and study within Italy—first in Rome, and later in Florence and Milan—JB reconnected with his roots and fell in love with how the country’s sartorial authenticity bled into every aspect of an individual’s life. While studying in Milan, JB connected with a family-run eyewear factory that showed a genuine appreciation for the precision, craftsmanship, and care that goes into each product. JB3 launched with a small collection of timeless sunglasses, but through powerful relationships with several Italian suppliers Mariano is excited to extend the brand’s offering to include more accessories & objects designed and created to be a true embodiment of timeless Italian excellence.